3 things I want to see the Miami Dolphins get done in their final preseason game vs. the Jaguars

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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Austin Jackson, Will Anderson Jr.
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A repeat perfromance from the offensive line

Last week against the Texans, we saw the Dolphin's offensive line have a very productive day. They helped the collective unit of the running backs get to 200 yards rushing and they mostly kept a very clean pocket for Tua and Skylar Thompson to operate out of.

And it was impressive because Terron Armstead didn't play just like he's not going to play tomorrow. It was Kendall Llam at left tackle and Isaiah Wynn at left guard. Yes, in case you were unaware the Liam Eichenberg experiment is over. Wynn, unless something unforeseen happens will be the starting left guard come September 10th.

Connor Williams, who isn't happy with his contract situation, had a very good outing. He got to the second level often and when he pulled he was tight to the line. That's one thing, as a former big-time offensive line coach, I look for in linemen; how tight to the line of scrimmage are you when you pull.

It's also another chance for Austin Jackson to lock down the starting right tackle spot. I think he's already done that but at the very least it's another opportunity for him to get better and show that he may have really turned the corner and just might be a fully functioning starting linemen in the NFL. Seems odd to write that but he's looked for two weeks.

It will be mostly Skylar out there due to Mike White being in the concussion protocol so in my opinion the offensive line has to hold their blocks a bit longer due to Skylar holding on to the ball a bit more than Tua.

Kion Smith, Alama Uluave and Eichenberg have a lot to play for as well. We know guys are going to do down on the offensive line so it means that the swing tackles and guards need to be figured out.

I'm not looking for an even better performance than last week but I am hoping for a similar one. Maybe 200 yards won't happen but over 130 yards and only giving up one sack is reasonable.