Tua Tagovailoa just put Ryan Clark in a body bag

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) participates in training camp at Baptist Health
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) participates in training camp at Baptist Health / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

That's my quarterback. That's my quarterback right there taking no garbage from anyone let alone a former NFL player who's job is to spew nonsense on TV. Ryan Clark on yesterday's edition of People Just Yelling Anything Regardless if it Makes Any Sense or Not, had the gall to call Tua or our for being too heavy. Then he dropped just an absolutely hilarious joke, which not a soul besides Marcus Spears or Sawgu as he apparently likes to be called thought was funny.

Just the lamest of lame attempts by Ryan Clark to be humorous.

Today, Tua wasn't taking it and when he was given the opportunity to say something back, he didn't mix words with how odd Clark's words were. As I said in the article I wrote yesterday, if Clark wanted to go after the stuff Tua has done on the field, that's fine. That would be valid and there's enough to keep a segment going. But going after his tattoo and the extra weight he put on is simply weird like Tua said.

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It's tough to come back from when anyone says you're being weird. Whether it be a girl thinking you're being weird, an employee thinking your co-worker is weird, or when an NFL quarterback calls a retired NFL player weird. Once you get labeled weird, you're pretty much weird for the rest of your days.

And yes, it is weird for someone to talk about another person when they aren't that person. I realize that society is basically built on talking about other people but it's a bit weird every time especially when you're an NFL player saying that because another NFL player gained some weight isn't a good thing. Remember, we're talking about football not sprinting.

But I love this response from Tua. He could have answered the questions as if Brian Flores was his coach and kept it PC but he let Ryan Clark know and everyone that's bizarre to have these types of conversations in a serious manner which Clark's words were regardless of what he says he was just joking around like him and Tua are old pals.

But this is what sports talk is on the big networks and most of the smaller outlets as well. Just folks calling out others for whatever reason regardless if it makes sense or not. I get that is the business model and it isn't going anywhere.

But Tua just illustrated how weird that business model is. If you think about what he said, you should come to the conclusion that shooting your mouth off about things you know little about is dumb.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go mock Colin Cowherd for saying some really ridiculous, uninformed, and completely inaccurate takes.

By the Way- Here's a throw from today's practice that has my knees weak.

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