Ryan Clark delivered a cringeworthy take about Tua and his weight ended with a lead balloon-level joke

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

You can always count on the worldwide leader to deliver head-scratching takes that are wrapped in second-hand embarrassment not just felt by the folks who have the dishonor of consuming their drivel but even the ones on set near take quakes.

Today's edition of someone having something negative to say about Tua Tagovailoa on the hit show "People Yelling and Getting Fake Mad About Thoughts on Sports, went to a weird level but I guess not so surprising level. Ryan Clark decided today was a good day to I guess rip Tua for getting his awesome arm-sleeve tattoo and adding more weight. Not only that but he followed it up with a cringeworthy attempt at humor that had Dan Orlovsky looking at him like "Do I laugh at this? Feels like I should but this dig at Tua's weight is painfully bad".

McLovin wasn't going to miss Seth's knee slappers due to him and Evan going to Dartmouth, and nobody would have missed the quick-wit of Ryan Clark if he got the ax like so many others did at ESPN. Good on him for surviving the cuts and being able to work on his tight five.

It's hilarious that because Tua got his tattoo on his arm that it means he wasn't in the gym as if there is no way to accomplish both during the offseason. Not a great display of how time works there by Ryan Clark.

Also, how is it a bad thing in the slightest that Tua put on weight? It's not like he's Jamarcus Russell or anything like that. Nobody, seriously, looking at Tua would ever say that he was overweight or even heavy as Clark claims. He does say he's thinking but I thought being thick in football is a good thing and I'm pretty sure everyone would agree.

The strip club joke while he's staring down at the ground in an effort to not be seen as if he's Julian from Big Daddy putting on the magic sunglasses was adorable. Clark looked like the open mic comic laughing at their own failed attempt of getting a laugh and then saying "Oh is that the light? And that's my time."

Look, there are plenty of takedowns of Tua that are fair game. The INT on his first pass from the other day, not being able to play a whole season, lack of winning big games, have the good teams figured out and does he have a plan B when a play breaks down? Any of those are in bounds.

But to go after his tattoo and weight and then sprinkle a dud of a joke is the lamest thing since lame came to lame town. But that's where Ryan Clark resides and if that's good for him then it's good for me I suppose. I'd say be better but I think we all know that isn't possible.

Hopefully, the next talking head who is looking to cash in on Tua's name(not that I would ever dream of such a thing and don't even think of accusing me of such) has some better material.

Buckle up because the takes are going to keep coming as we know. Let's hope Tua and the rest of the Miami Dolphins rise to the level of what their expectations are.

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