3 things the Miami Dolphins need to figure out over the bye week

It's the bye week meaning it's the perfect time for the Miami Dolphins to start figuring some things out.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages
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We're officially halfway through the season and I think the bye has come at the best possible time for the Miami Dolphins. I'm hoping that the team will be using this week not to do any kind of soul-searching or look themselves in the mirror type junk that I don't care about. I want the Miami Dolphins to figure out schematics, personnel, and philosophies about how their team operates

I think most of us feel we had a great opportunity to take hold of 1st place in the AFC in Germany. If you were to tell us before the game that the Chiefs would have their worst offensive output in over two years and the Dolphin's offense would only score 14 points, I don't think many of us would believe you.

But that is what happened and I think some things need to be figured if not flatout changed.

I'm not calling for wholesale changes as if I want this team to be lining up in the power 70% of the time or anything like that. I'm not a madman. But I do feel that there are some things that Mike McDaniel can start getting a better grip on that will make things more concrete and not as abstract out on the football field.

Oh and just a quick sidebar, I don't care if I see the players out enjoying themselves on their off week. If you think they're all just sitting at the facility watching film and lifting weights, you're a fool. Believe it or not, they can get multiple things done in a day.