3 things we learned watching the Miami Dolphins smash the Broncos into a fine paste

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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I don't know about you, but after the Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel showed mercy to the Broncos like I show mercy to the centipedes that crawling around my basement closet, I needed a cigarette the size of South Beach.

I went into the game against the Denver Broncos pretty damn confident. I had the Dolphins winning and I had them covering the 6.5 points they were laying. I just didn't see a world where Russell Wilson was going to have too many scoring drives and I also didn't see Tua getting touched thus leading to open receivers all over the place. I was right about that.

What I couldn't foresee was the Dolphins openly avoiding going for the all-time single-game scoring record. That didn't have to happen. But that is exactly what happened.

And it wasn't like McDaniel and the Dolphins were even trying that hard to score. They were running the ball and it just so happened that De'Von Achane couldn't be tackled and Mike White felt like going downtown one time to Chosen Anderson.

It was a beautiful thing to watch. It's something you wouldn't think we'll ever see ever again but I guess with the unit performing the way it is, anything is possible.

What was most impressive to me was how intense everyone was playing. They never let up and never just cruised. Every single play, the players for the Miami Dolphins wanted to win that play and they did it over and over again.

Next up is the Buffalo Bills on the road. It appears that the weather will be favorable. Hopefully, the sun won't be too much for the Bills or their fans. I'm excited for many reasons most of all because I will be in attendance for the game next Sunday.

You may think that you can't learn too much about about beating a team by 50 points and scoring 70 points besides that the offense is really good and that Sean Payton is nothing without Drew Brees and Russell Wilson must have done a ton of high knees on the plane ride home. But I think I learned some important things that I wasn't 100% about before yesterday's bludgeoning. Here's what I think we learned.