4 Dolphins fan favorites in danger of being cut this summer

Miami will have some tough decisions to make with their roster this year.
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The Miami Dolphins will not be able to keep everyone, and this year, a few players that fans have come to like might be on their way out. This is never an easy part of the year for general manager Chris Grier, but there's a reason he's in the big-boy chair.

Soon enough, the Dolphins are going to have to find a way to trim things down to 53 for the Week 1 roster. As tough as it might be to think about, we could see these four players on the outside looking in this summer:

4. Jeff Wilson Jr.

Jeff Wilson Jr. won over a lot of Miami Dolphins fans when he arrived in South Florida, but injuries cost him time on the field. Now, he may be the odd man out on a deep roster unit that may not have room for him in 2024.

Wilson has one big fan in his corner, Mike McDaniel, but even McDaniel can't summarily put on the 53-man roster without jeopardizing another position on the field or the depth of the roster itself. The biggest takeaway from 2023 was when Wilson was healthy, the Dolphins still didn't call his number, even when they lost Raheem Mostert.

Wilson's future with the Dolphins may be coming to an end and there isn't a whole lot he can do to change that. He will fight in camp to make a statement, but that fight also may be for other teams as well. If Wilson isn't traded, look for the Dolphins to do him a favor in releasing him early on. That will allow him to ink with a new team and have a proper chance to fight for a roster spot during the preseason.