4 Dolphins players who must prove they can't be replaced after this season

These players will have extra pressure on them this campaign.
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3. Liam Eichenberg

Liam Eichenberg's future with the Dolphins is completely unknown. He will be a free agent after the 2024 season and the Dolphins could lock him up on an extension by signing him now to a much cheaper contract than if they wait until 2024 plays out. Grier likes his bargains and he may want to take the chance that Eichenberg remains average in 2024.

If the Dolphins lose Eichenberg in free agency next offseason, fans won't particularly be throwing things at their television. Despite the fact that fans think he is part of the offensive line problems, Eichenberg can play guard, tackle, and center, and if the Dolphins' future plans don't include him as a starter, a cheaper option as a backup might be the way to go.

Eichenberg can control this in 2024. A big improvement in 2024 will make him more appealing to other teams in free agency next year and force Grier to pay him more to keep him. Whether he is viewed as a backup or a starter, his contract status next season will be debated.

Right now, most believe extending him isn't a smart idea, but this is what the Dolphins should do. If they believe he is someone they want on the roster beyond this year, then they have to consider making an offer now while the numbers are in their favor. If Eichenberg starts this year and plays well, the Dolphins will have to either pay him more or let him go.