4 Dolphins players who need to show up in 2024 or find a new team in 2025

It's time for these guys to finally step up for the Dolphins in 2024.
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Chris Grier is entering another season as the Miami Dolphins general manager and some things do not change. Grier has a tendency to reach for a draft pick, or sign a bargain free agent, and then wait for them to develop. In many cases, that makes sense.

One argument amongst Dolphins fans is that there are times when Miami doesn't give players the time to develop. Most of those complaints and debates were pre-Grier. Grier, on the other hand, tends to wait too long. Developing a player can take time, but there is also a time when you have to let go.

Consider the fact Miami held on to Noah Igbinoghene far too long. There simply wasn't anything to work with. Austin Jackson was given time, and it worked out. It is a case by case basis, but sometimes we wonder what the Dolphins see that we do not. Clearly Miami has far more insight than any of the fan base or even the media who sits through practices. That doesn't make them smart or right in their observations. With that said, here are four guys who must show us something in 2024:

4. Cam Smith

Cam Smith spent his first season under the thumb of Vic Fangio. He wasn't a fit for Fangio and as a result he didn't play. In fact, Smith was so out of the loop that when injuries piled up, Fangio skipped right over him. Clearly this is because Grier refused to get rid of him, as it was likely Fangio didn't want him.

This year, it's a clean slate for Smith, but it's also a slate that could potentially become a similar situation. Anthony Weaver likes his secondary players and he is good at coaching them up. If Smith falters and can't develop this offseason in Weaver's system, should the Dolphins continue to try and invest the time in him? I would think another year makes sense, but if another player plays well, say an undrafted guy like Storm Duck, then the Dolphins may want to write this one off and trade him.