4 remaining free agents with Miami Dolphins connections

Several free agents still have ties to the Dolphins if they want to kick those tires.
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If the Miami Dolphins need to add players familiar with their team, there are still players available without contracts on the open market. While it's up in the air if general manager Chris Grier will reach out to anyone on this list, there are some intriguing options.

Soon enough, the Dolphins will report for training camp and we're going to see just how this team is looking depth wise on both sides of the ball. If Grier thinks he might need some more help, then don't be surprised if anyone on this list gets a call from him:

4. Xavien Howard

The chances of Xavien Howard getting a new contract anytime soon are unlikely until his legal issues are resolved, and then, it still may take some time. Howard has gone from a Pro Bowl cornerback and a rich contract to unemployed and undesirable.

What little was left of his talent on the field, was wiped away by legal issues that have painted the former Dolphins standout as anything but. Teams were already weary about signing him given his drop in coverage skills the last couple of seasons. Add into that equation injuries and Howard was looking like a player that would sign a free agent deal with someone mid-training camp - possibly as a replacement for an injured player.

There are two questions that are keeping him unemployed: one, can he return to being a serviceable corner, and two, can he stay out of trouble? Teams have to weigh this carefully because Howard has given no indication that he will be cheap.

Howard's chances of returning to the Dolphins are slim right now and Howard may have said that ship has sailed, but Miami may be the only team that reaches out should they need help. This will be one to keep an eye on.