4 undrafted free agent rookies to watch at Miami Dolphins training camp

Again, the Dolphins are hoping some undrafted rookies will make an impact.
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3. Andrew Meyer

At 6-3 and 295 pounds, Andrew Meyer is going to make a statement with Butch Barry as to why he deserves to be on the final 53-man roster. Meyer has work to do, and it is not easy to get the looks in camp above the veterans and other players who are higher on the depth chart. Meyer will have to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to him if he is going to make the final roster.

Working in his favor is a lack of quality depth along the offensive line. Miami is fine at both tackle positions, center, and left guard, but the depth behind them is questionable and that is where Meyer will have to show that he is capable of developing quickly.

Meyer's contract with the Dolphins will also at least help a little. He signed a three-year deal that is worth up to $2.8 million according to Spotrac.com. The Dolphins clearly see something in him to give him that much money as an undrafted rookie - $90,000 is all that was guaranteed. Working in his favor is his ability to provide depth at center and guard, something the Dolphins need.