4 veterans that potentially will be unsung heroes for the Miami Dolphins

Nov 27, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (43) runs
Nov 27, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (43) runs / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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I feel like the dog days of Summer haven't even started yet. It's only been a few days since the Miami Dolphins had their mandatory mini-camp and already I want to hear some news about anything Dolphins related. I don't even care would it would be. Tell me that Zach Sieler is driving cross-country in his RV and the only food he's going to eat are big steak challenges. Tell me Raheem Mostert put out an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can beat him in a 100M race. Give me anything.

Then, I tell myself to enjoy Summer with relaxation and libations and I feel much better after I say that to myself. The time will come to obsess over every move or non-move this team takes come the end of July when training camp begins. And let's face it, the Miami Dolphins have never been a team to do anything boring or quietly. The Miami Dolphins might sign or trade for a player or someone involved with the team could be in the news for all the wrong reasons. We've seen almost everything with this outfit.

But there's no reason in forecasting ahead in things that we have no way of knowing. It's the offseason which means this is the time for completely baseless, trusting our gut type of proclamations. That's what I'm doing with this list of veteran players who very well may be unsung heroes later in the season. By definition, the other side of this coin may be true and these players may be having zero production at all and even might be big-time surprise cuts. Who really knows?

I chose these veteran players because we've seen them produce at high levels and contribute to winning football. These guys except for one guy will almost certainly be backups to start the season and will play early but won't be relied on to do any heavy lifting. But we know injuries will happen and that some of these guys will be asked to be #1 guys especially late in the year.

You can't go a day or so without some talking head or player saying that the Miami Dolphins don't have a top-five or even the top roster in football. I won't argue that either. This is the best Dolphins roster since 2002 and it's not even close and it is in fact one of the best rosters in all of the NFL.

But we know that the unheralded guys are the ones that put winning teams over the edge. The role players make or break seasons throughout the NFL and all sports every year. The Miami Dolphins have a few guys that have shown flashes who also have been a bit inconsistent that given the opportunity will decide the fate of this team. That's what this grouping is all about. The other guys.