5 Dolphins players who are likely entering their last year with the team

Several Miami Dolphins players will play their final season in Miami
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3. Mike White

Mike White is in the final year of his contract and the future for him in Miami may not extend beyond this year's training camp. If White makes the roster in 2024, it would take a big event to get the Dolphins to re-sign him. In other words, he would have see significant playing time, which they don't want to see happen and he will need to win.

White is still relatively unproven. He has potential and upside, but he is a "break glass in case of emergency" quarterback and right now, he is competiting for his job with Skylar Thompson. If White makes it through camp and onto the Dolphins roster, don't expect an extension in 2025.

Extending White beyond this season wouldn't make sense unless they see no growth this year out of Thompson and decide that White has the tools to be the primary backup to Tagovailoa moving forward. This would be similar to Matt Moore or what Chad Henne became in Kansas City.