5 Dolphins players who are likely entering their last year with the team

Several Miami Dolphins players will play their final season in Miami
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1. Jason Sanders

Yes, we are back with another Jason Sanders take as it relates to his future with the team. Let's put this into the most realistic terms possible as it relates to Chris Grier and the Dolphins. Sanders has to be as good or better than he was last year. Yes, 2023 wasn't a bad year for Sanders and it was his third best year as a pro.

Sanders was clutch most of the season and that has to continue because in 2025, his contract will allow the Dolphins to move on and save $4 million against a cap hit just under $800,000. The Dolphins are locked into Sanders this year, and they should be.

Sanders moved some money around to help with the cap situation and enters this year without competition for his job. It is his to lose in every sense of the phrase. Sanders' future beyond this year will not be tied to what he has done previously, but what he does this year. Grier has to know this and avoid paying him more money for what he did last or three years prior.