5 Things Miami Dolphins fans can take away from the early moves in free agency

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The offensive approach of the Miami Dolphins still seems soft as a way to attack late in the season.

I was hoping that the Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel would recognize that their approach of having a bunch of really fast small guys that get hurt late in the year would be something they would try and pivot from ever so slightly. But as of this writing the offense will be designed in the same vain that has been the last few seasons.

This isn't to say I want Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle off the team or anything and I want the Dolphins to become Big 10 football. But I was hoping for a physical presence, especially in the backfield, to be added.

All the big backs are off the board but that doesn't mean that all the quality backs are gone. A guy I've written about is still out there and that is AJ Dillon. That guy could churn out yards late in the year when Miami plays tougher competition in tougher environments in hopefully much more meaningful games compared to September and October. So there is still hope for Dillon.

Overall, a more physical approach is needed to compete with the heavy hitters of the AFC. You're not going to run past defenses and get the edge as much as you do late in the year when teams are much more locked in. This is something Mike McDaniel had to have noticed over his first two seasons as a head coach.

But as I said, there is still time to change up the philosophy a little bit. I hope the Miami Dolphins do.