Why the Miami Dolphins need to think about AJ Dillon being a part of the backfield

AJ Dillon is expected to be released. I think the Miami Dolphins should be all over him.
Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
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The Miami Dolphins running back unit could use a bit of an upgrade and A.J. Dillon could be that guy.

The running back position is not one of the most pressing units that need to be drastically upgraded. But it appears that AJ Dillon will not be with Green Bay next year and I for one think the Miami Dolphins need to deeply examine if he would help.

Before you say it, no, no I will not be one of those guys who clammers for every free agent or soon-to-be free agent. I understand the fun of thinking about every player in the league wearing orange and aqua but I also understand how tiresome that gets for everybody.

This is different. This is a player I feel fits the mold for how the Dolphin's brass will be attacking free agency.

Currently, the Miami Dolphins, Chris Grier, and Brandon Shore have to shed about $38M before they can sign or resign any players.

Now, we know the wizardry that Grier and company will use to make this happen. Some players will be straight-up released while others will have their contracts restructured giving them more guaranteed money. It's the oldest trick in the GM playbook, so I'm not that worried about bringing in new players for 2024.

With that said, I don't expect the Dolphins to be big spenders when March 13th comes. Instead, they will be walking the aisle of Service Merchandise (shout out to my Service Merchandise folks) looking for bargains. Nothing wrong with that other than you need to be a bit more precise in your research.

Well, AJ Dillon fits that mold perfectly. He will not cost a lot. He's a running back. Not many of them cost that much especially one who has had the career that AJ Dillon has had. He's been solid but he's never been asked to be the man unless Aaron Jones was hurt, which was often enough.

Dillon is only 25 years old meaning he has quite a bit of tread on his tires especially since he was never the Packers' #1 back. His stats last year weren't anything that popped off the screen. He had 613 yards on 178 carries which comes to a not-so-lovely 3.4 yards per carry. I realize that will scare some away.

It doesn't scare me. AJ Dillon was seeing, mostly, loaded boxes before Jordan Love started playing better and defenses had to respect the pass more. With the Dolphins and how everyone has to play defensively, AJ Dillon would have some more room boogy.

Oh, and AJ Dillon is 247 LBs. That size at that position is sorely needed in the Dolphin's backfield. I don't care how Mike McDaniel or anyone spins it. The Miami Dolphins were putrid in short-yardage situations. Yes, much of that is due to McDaniel's hubris, but perhaps he passed so much because he didn't have as much faith in Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane in picking up tough yardage.

The Dolphins ranked 12th in 3rd and 1 conversions but were 25th in that department in their last three games. The Packers, in case you were wondering, finished 3rd in the NFL in 3rd and 1 rate.

Also, even though AJ Dillon is a bigger back, he catches the ball very well. I saw a few games last year where Love kept checking it down over and over again and Dillon made teams pay who were playing back.

I'm just saying, AJ Dillon will be available soon, he won't cost that much, he's young, and most importantly he fills a direct need for the Miami Dolphins. Can the Dolphins potentially do better in the NFL Draft? Maybe, but AJ Dillon can play and I think he would do well paired with Mostert and Achane. They can be Thunder and Double Lighting. I think that tracks.

Everyone have a great day. I know I will. It's the Pittston Parade, something I know you are all aware of. I'll be the guy in the Eric Montross jersey.

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