5 Things Miami Dolphins fans can take away from the early moves in free agency

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The Miami Dolphins 2024 season may be a quasi-reset but they can still win the division due to how bad it might be.

Not sure if you have been paying attention to the rest of the AFC East, but nobody is really killing it right now in terms of having a stacked team.

Yes, the division still goes through Josh Allen but the Bills have the look of a team that is one bad start away from a total mutiny/implosion. I think on offense they have Stephon Diggs coming off an average season, Khalil Shakir, and Dalton Kincaid. Defensively, they have been gutted like Miami has been. They even lost Jordan Poyer to the Dolphins.

And let's not act like the Patriots and Jets have gained much ground. New England will probably be drafting a rookie QB with exactly zero good-skill players to help that rookie QB.

The Jets have Aaron Rodgers coming back but he, seriously, might be second in command in operating the nuclear football. Seriously, that is wild. and it's gaining steam. Even if Rodgers decides not to be RFK Jr.'s vice president, the Jets haven't done too much to get better. They're kind of running it back with what mostly what they had last year.

Yes, the Miami Dolphins had the bloodiest Monday they ever had. But, they still have some excellent players on the team and I actually like what they have done in free agency.

10 wins might take the AFC East next year. Obviously, it's early but the division will not be super-strong or anything like that. It means that although the Miami Dolphins are going through a "rest" that makes me want to punch drywall, that keeping the goal of winning the division is not as unrealistic as it seems and feels.

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