A Miami Dolphins vs LA Chargers preview Tecmo Super Bowl Edition

Dec 11, 2022; Inglewood, California, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker (55) and linebacker
Dec 11, 2022; Inglewood, California, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker (55) and linebacker / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure there are a few Madden simulations and games played that are supposed to preview the Miami Dolphins vs. the Los Angeles Chargers. Nothing wrong with those. I fully respect John Madden, and everything he did in his glorious career, particularly the wonderful video game series that I've probably spent 3% of my life playing.

But before I got into Madden many moons ago, I was checking fools in Tecmo Super Bowl. I don't need to play people online and have to actually read defenses to ensure that I have a good time in my leisure. Give me a controller with one d-pad and two buttons and I'm good. Let me worry about avoiding that one lineman who seeks out the linebacker that you're controlling instead of the screen-shaking because I'm down 14. I'd rather focus on how well I zig-zag up and down the screen than wind direction.

I played the Chargers in Tecmo Super Bow today to try and get a sense of how the actual Miami Dolphins will fare when 4:30 comes on Sunday. Let me tell you, if the actual Miami Dolphins can play half as good as the Tecmo version did, well, we're all going to be feeling good come Sunday night.

It's a bummer that Dan Marino didn't get to 400 yards passing. We'll make that a goal for next week. He did however throw for five TDs and as you can see he led the team in rushing. That one rush for five yards went for six. Dan the man also had a classic bomb of a TD pass that was one of those endzone to about the 15-yard line. Dan has a rocket arm so this shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.

Good on Mark Duper leading the team in receiving yards with 158. Tyreek Hill getting that much would be choice. Don't worry, Mark Clayton had a great game scoring a few times and having around 130 yards, which is something Jaylen Waddle should look to do today. Ferrell Edmunds also scored a few times. I'm not predicting Durham Smythe to reproduce what a pro-bowler like Edmunds produced.

Sammie Smith had a very nice statline; two rushes, two yards, and two TDs. Effecient.

Defensively, John Offherdahl stole the show, per usual when I pick up the original stick. Offherdahl had five sacks one of them being a safety. He also had a few TFLs of Marion Butts. David Griggs had a sack as well.

BJ Tolliver scrambled around a bit but he tossed two picks. One of them went to Jarvis Williams and surprisingly the other one went to defensive lineman Cliff Odom. The way the Tecmo Miami Dolphins' secondary performed is how the actual Dolphins need to confuse Justin Herbert.

Marion Butts did what he could to keep the Chargers of yes San Diego in it but the Dolphins were to much.

We look to history to teach us about what not to do in the present. As long as the Miami Dolphins don't let Austin Ekeler get loose too much, David Long Jr. takes over on defense and Tua plays just a little bit like Marino, the Dolphins should be alright.

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