Admitted Overreaction: The Miami Dolphins offense looked like a real offense

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Logan Riely/GettyImages

Right out of the, the offense of the Miami Dolphins looked like a trainwreck that just so happened to happen on a sinking cruise ship. Believe it or not, seeing Tua Tagovailoa gets picked off on his first pass since Christmas was not something I wanted to see. But it happened and we all dealt with it in a responsible manner I assume.

But then on the next drive that started at the Dolphins' seven-yard line which immediately ended up at the Dolphins four yardline, Tua led a big boy drive for six points which included him going 5/6 for 61 yards.

Tua wasn't the only guy on that drive that stood out. The offensive line did their job giving Tua time to throw and it also opened up holes for Raheem Mostert to burst for yards. In all, it was a very well-balanced 14-play drive that had the Houston Texans guessing what kind of a play was coming.

Go right ahead and tear Tua and Mike McDaniel apart for the first pass, I know I did. I have no idea why you would do a roll right after a fake inside handoff only to look to seam to Tyler Kroft, which is a low percentage type of play but hey they did it. Maybe that was one of those experimental type plays. Yeah, that's what I'm going to tell myself. Also, it was Tua's first real pass with the full-arm-sleeve tattoo. We all know that extra weight takes time to adapt to and adjust to that extra weight nearly flawlessly.

The entire offense had a nice game compared to how inept they looked last week against the Falcons. Tyreek Hill had a lovely 3rd down conversion where he made some defender look foolish and Braxton Berrios navigated the middle of the field like we all know he could.

Salvon Ahmed had himself a night that, to me, firmly, puts him on the team in week one. He ran hard, caught the ball soundly, and overall had positive plays, seemingly, every time he touched the ball.

Skylar Thompson got the ball starting the second quarter and didn't relinquish it besides coming off the field for an apparent head injury which if it were a regular season game I'm sure the NFL spotter assigned to the game would have said that Thompson was deceased. Skylar, who may be the quarterback version of Victor Cruz in the preseason went 15-122 for 157 yards and 3 TDs. Pretty decent game if you ask me.

The biggest take away of the game is how good the offensive line played. They must have gotten the message that not many in the square community had much faith in them because they all played decisively and physically. Tua and the first-team offense had plenty of time on that 93-yard drive and the running backs had consistent lanes to run through. That's the kind of effort that is needed because if the offensive line can create running lanes like they did today, with Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and the rest of the speedy receivers, it can be lights out for opposing defenses.

What I was looking for was for the offense of the Miami Dolphins to look like an offense that had its barrings and looked like an outfit that knew what it was supposed to be doing. Tonight, the offense did just that.

I'll have a more in-depth breakdown of what I saw and what I thought was worth a damn tomorrow but enter your evening knowing that the Miami Dolphins, through all the below-average joint practices, through all the injuries, and through all the completely avoidable distractions that seem to always follow this team can put it together and execute a gameplan thus playing good football.

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