Am I to understand that the Miami Dolphins could have settled their tampering case instead of losing a 1st rounder?

Stephen Ross owner of the Miami Dolphins arrives on the first before the startmof the game against
Stephen Ross owner of the Miami Dolphins arrives on the first before the startmof the game against / BILL INGRAM / THE PALM BEACH PSOT / USA

All I was trying to do was settle in, I just cracked a wonderful beverage and the next step was to plant myself on the couch and consume the 2023 NFL Draft. Seems simple enough right? No way, even I, can screw that one up.

But then, a piece news came across the wire and it has me all types of frustrated. It has me wishing I had one of my wrestling buddies,(Ultimate Warrior of course) so I can thrash it around in a fit of rage.

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You're going to sit there and tell me that the it's possible that the Miami could have settled with the league or some sort of entity and potentially not lose their 1st round pick? Just have a conversation with the league office and work this incredibly benign situation out was possibly on the table? Get right out of town.

This 1st round pick could have helped the Miami Dolphins out immensely. They could have gone after any of the positions on their roster that they felt adding a starter too.

Instead, Brian Flores had to get all righteous and act like a 2nd grader and tattle on the Miami Dolphins because Stephen Ross had the audacity to try and add the greatest QB in the history of throwing a football, Tom Brady, meet with Flores on a Jordan Belfort style yacht. Man, life can get really hard sometimes.

The thing is, I bet Flores never even thought about the unintended consequences, the butterfly effect his actions cost. Now, the 2023 NFL Draft is about 15 minutes shorter. Who knows what kind of things changed in this reality because Flores had such a heavy conscience? He may have began another world war or maybe a tsunami or something like that.

I hope I can pull it together and enjoy the rest of this draft. Fortunately, I created the greatest NFL Draft drinking game in all the land to keep my focused in these trying times.

Hopefully, the draft treats al of you well.

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