Can we talk about how the Miami Dolphins only have one presnap penalty?

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

I think it needs to be discussed. I think after you talk about how the Miami Dolphins are 2-0 with two road wins, Tua Tagovailoa having the best odds of winning the MVP, how the Dolphins are able to win through the air and on the ground(they're always in control), how the defense rebounded in week two, and how the Dolphin's have put fear into every defense in the league, we need to discuss how the Miami Dolphins, after two weeks, only have one presnap penalty.

We can remember last year. It was Mike McDaniel's first year installing his elaborate and precise offense and we can remember all the issues the team had with messing it up on the regular. At times the Dolphin's offense looked like a kindergarten class putting on a play with all the people who were out of sync.

Whether it was false starts, to many men in the backfield, illegal motion, guys not being set, or simply not gettingt he play inon time, it seemed that the Dolphins would have 2-3 presnap penalties a game. Last year, the Dolphins had 46 presnap penalties, which was 3rd in the league.

It must have been so frustrating for Mike McDaniel because he knew what he was trying to do would work but that his guys were just screwing it up. Like Will Hunting getting frustrated with how easy complex math theory was and then getting even more annoyed with everyone he was trying to explain it to not being able to understand what we was saying, Mike McDaniel knew he it was a problem and that he needed to do something because presnap penalties couldn't be a reason that holds this offense back.

During training camp, Mike McDaniel put more of an emphasis on guys knowing their assignment, knowing the verbiage, and knowing what that verbiage meant. I don't know if he gave the offense vocabulary tests, with or without a wordbank, every week or what. What I do know is that after two weeks, the Miami Dolphins only have one presnap penalty. If you're projecting that, the Dolphins are on pace for only presnap penalties for the year. You don't need to be Will Hunting to figure that one out.

Because of this added focus to knowing your assignment, the Dolphin's offense hasn't had to deal with many 2nd and 3rd and longs. That makes this offense even more lethal if it can operate in a world where you don't know if they are running or passing because as we well know, this offense can do both. Thus far, teams haven't been able to pin their ears back and come full throttle after Tua, which has resulted in only one sack.

What is really amazing to me is that the Dolphins only have that one presnap penalty while they also are one of the league leaders in motion. We see it in just about every play where someone is motioning or offsetting themselves. To have all that movement and not to get whacked for five yards more often is astounding.

Naturally, this attention to detail needs to keep going because we don't want to live in a world where the offense finds themselves in uncomfortable positions. Nobody needs that.

There's plenty of reasons why the Miami Dolphins are performing the way they are. But one of the stealthier reasons they are putting a hurting on defenses is that they aren't beating themselves with mind-numbing presnap penalties that are easily avoided by focus and discipline. Let's see that roll over again on Sunday.

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