Chosen Anderson deal is a bargain for the Miami Dolphins

Dec 12, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robbie Anderson (81) watches
Dec 12, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robbie Anderson (81) watches / Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers are out for the Miami Dolphins deal with Chosen Anderson and for Miami, it is a very good bargain!

Nothing in life is easy and the NFL is a world where even less is easy. Still, for some, hanging on to a career is important especially when a player is trying to turn an image around.

Chosen Anderson was heading for an exit from football. He was a free agent coming off a season that had him sent to the locker room after a game and traded the following day. This only a season or two removed from an arrest in South Florida. Anderson wasn't getting phone calls so he and his agent took matter into their own hands.

Anderson's group reached out to Chris Grier. Anderson sat with Grier and Mike McDaniel, and his new WR coach, Wes Welker. They talked, got to know a bit more about each other and then, the Dolphins decided to give him a deal.

Miami's depth as we have debated and argued about on social media isn't great but so we are clear, it is far from bad. Miami digging into the what's left free agent pool adds depth to the unit, another body for training camp, and potentially another speedy WR for the season.

Now we know the parameters of the one-year deal. Anders will receive $1.16 million with a $152 thousand signing bonus. In other words, if the Dolphins like what he brings to the field and the lockerroom, Anderson is an extremely cheap option as a potential 3rd, 4th, or even 6th receiver. It also opens the door for a trade.

Earlier today, Chris Grier spoke with the media and we learned that for all intent and purpose, the Dolphins are fielding calls for Cedrick Wilson. That is only going to heat up as the draft grows closer and may not actually become official until the third day of the draft.

With Anderson now under contract, the Dolphins have a body in place should Wilson get moved. Grier said that they are trying to do right by Wilson given his attitude and reception by the team. But he did not say they were not going to move on.

Wilson will save Miami some, but not a lot of cap space but they pick it up to some degree if Anderson makes the roster in September.