Chris Grier's explanation for the Patrick Paul pick has Dolphins fans livid

The Dolphins GM isn't winning people over with these comments
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Here we are following the NFL Draft and there's still one pick in particular that Miami Dolphins fans aren't too fired up about. We're of course talking about the second-round selection of offensive tackle Patrick Paul, a 6-7, 330-pounder out of Houston.

Paul has tremendous size and he was a standout OT for Houston. However, it was just a surprise that his name was sent in by Miami when there were other offensive line targets still on the board. General manager Chris Grier tried to explain why he decided to go with Paul at No. 55 overall, but it hasn't made things much better.

Chris Grier is quite high on new Dolphins offensive tackle Patrick Paul

"He was the highest-rated player on our board. Even when he’s not perfect, the length allows him to recover at times. He can add depth and compete for a role in the future."

Chris Grier

From the moment this move was announced, Grier has received plenty of hate from the Miami faithful. For some, this was a bit of a head-scratcher. A main reason for that is because plenty of Dolphins supporters were hoping that Grier and the front office would target either Cooper Beebe, drafted by the Cowboys, or Kingsley Suamataia, who ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Paul feels like a bit more of a project, while Beebe and Suamataia feel further along in terms of being polished. Seeing Suamataia land with the Chiefs only made things sting a bit more. In the first round of the draft, Chop Robinson was drafted by Miami, which fans feel split on too.

It was a bit of an up-and-down draft for Miami, but the Paul move is the one that continues to be discussed by a lot of folks. Who knows, Paul could end up blossoming into a stud tackle for Mike McDaniel and all of this negative talk could prove to be a mistake.

However, there's plenty of nerves that Paul could end up being a bit of a bust and he won't be able to put things together. The comparisons to the situation with the Giants and Evan Neal have already arrived. For the sake of the organization as a whole, let's hope Paul goes on to prove his haters wrong.