Chris Simms uncovers glaring mistake in Mike McDaniel's game plan

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Naturally, one of the Miami Dolphins' biggest detractors over the last few years, Chris Simms, is going to accurately shine a light on Mike McDaniel for not making a fairly simple adjustment to what the Titan's defense was doing to his offense.

We watched all game as Tua tried to orchestrate the offense with Tyreek Hill out of the game. It was a mess for 60 minutes. The running game worked but in classic McDaniel fashion, he went away from it.

But I had no idea that this near malpractice was taking place.

Watching Chris Simms simply point out that throughout the whole game, Jaylen Waddle or whoever the backside receiver was being guarded by a guy who had dual responsibility covering basically a whole side of the field had me react like this;

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Make sure you watch the video above so that you can gasp and fall backwards as well.

Mike McDaniel is very smart and he does in fact know what he's doing. That can't be denied, But a pretty obvious adjustment like this needs to be seen from the offensive guys and pretty much everyone else up in the booth and then relayed down to McDaniel on the ground.

I've mentioned that I am a two-time freshmen football coach champion. That also can't be denied. When I was a freshman coach it meant that on varsity game days I'd be up top, typically standing on top of the booth with a headset relaying formations, substitutions, defensive fronts, and anything else I noticed that could help. If I saw a defense playing a certain way and I thought a concept or play would work against it, I would tell everyone on the headsets which included the head coach.

I can't believe that someone told Mike McDaniel, "Hey Mike, the entire right side of the field is open and it's Waddle 1 on 1 with defensive back doubling as an LB and nickel corner" and he was like "Yeah, but we can get the ball to Tyreek some more." I know we are starting to move from joking about McDaniel feeding into Tyreek's quest to get to 2,000 to joking about it in a more serious real tone, but I still have to believe that McDaniel would take the free yards and get Tennessee out of that coverage.

They pontificated if the reason why McDaniel didn't adjust to the backside out or dig is that Tua isn't good at that throw. I concede that it isn't the top throw Tua can make but an eight-year-old can make this throw. It just needs to be coached into Tua that it is something he can look for instead of forcing one into Hill.

I wrote about philosophical changes McDaniel can make to instantly improve the offense. This is another one that can be installed very quickly. If a defense is not respecting the idea that you might throw backside, throw it backside.

This is something that takes Mike McDaniel from an offensive guru or whatever dumb word for offensive genius the masses are peddling this week to a very good coach. Being able to shine in situational football and being able to make slight adjustments especially when they're this glaring.

I subscribe to the idea that teams don't make major adjustments at halftime or anything like that. Plenty of players back up that idea. But making little counters during the course of a game based on what your coaches and players see and experience, yes, that is something that happens or should be happening every game. Mike McDaniel needs to be comfortable from moving off something, for a little bit or maybe even a whole game even if it's worked all year long. That's one of the next steps he has to take.

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