Confirmed: Chris Grier and the Miami Dolphins love themselves secondary depth over offensive line depth

Aug 20, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier walks on the
Aug 20, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier walks on the / Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

If you're keeping score at home you have secondary guys signed to offensive line guys somewhere around 47-0. Seems like that not a day goes by where Chris Grier and the rest of the Miami Dolphins brass aren't signing a cornerback or safety. Every time I get an alert the Dolphins did something I get excited that it might be you know who signing but nope, it's another secondary player getting added. It's a real Groundhog Day situation.

At this point, I don't think it's out of the rhealm of possibility that Chris Grier is addicted to signing secondary depth. I never have had the opportunity to get a taste of making that kind of transaction unless you count adding guys in Madden which I know is nothing compared to the real thing.

When Chris Grier signed Eli Apple immedetially after Jalen Ramsey went down no one batted an eye. Actually, everyone pretty much commended the Dolphins for not wasting any time to get a quality player with starting experience in there.

But since that signing the Miami Dolphins have made a bunch of other signings of secondary players. Safety Myles Dorn, corner Mark Gilbert, and corner Perry Nickerson have been signed since camp opened nearly two weeks ago. And let's not forget that the Dolphins drafted Cam Smith this year which now looks like a really smart thing to do.

Actually, if you looked at it from a broader point of view, you could say that 90% of all the player movement that has happened has been defense related. Maybe one of the top journalists here at Phin Phanatic will do a follow-up on that.

I realize signing three secondary players isn't the biggest deal in the world but to me and I feel many others feel like this as well, it be nice if the offensive line got some shine with getting some help.

Maybe the offensive line has been killing it in camp and all the coaches live where that unit is at? I suppose that's possible. I'm not down in South Florida witnessing practices but by all accounts from all the beat writers and other boots on the ground that I trust the Dolphin's defense has been outplaying the Dolphin's offense mainly upfront.

What I want to avoid is having a situation around week 3 where we're looking at Austin Jackson or Liam Eichenberg or dare I say both of them and be like "You know Grier, maybe just maybe you shouldn't have been so cavalier about the offensive line after the NFL Draft."

Yes, Chris Grier, we are more worried about the offensive line than you. Would you like to know why? Becuase we saw Jackson, Eichenberg, Lester Cotton, and Larnell Coleman get tossed around like they were 80s jobber wrestlers game after game and there wasn't much of an onus put on trying to shore up that unit in the offseason or draft.

We also know that this season, like most seasons, will be made or broken by the health of the Tua Tagovailoa so it be nice to know and in place the best possible players so that guy can play an entire season.

Sure, Terron Armstead but we already know that he will miss 3-4 games. That is as guaranteed as the Sun rising or AI taking over mankind. We know you brought Isaiah Wynn but we all saw that guy play for the Patriots. Not exactly an impenatratable fortress that guy is.

I get that the free agent offensive line market isn't saturated with top-tier guys, but at least go bargain-shopping. I know you love hitting up the bottom of the barrel for secondary help like a young Sern would scour the shelves looking for NES games at Service Merchandise but show some love in the idea that this offensive line could use help as well.

But alas, maybe they think they have the pieces in place on the offensive line. Maybe guys like Jackson, Eichenberg, Dan Feeney, Robert Jones, and Ryan Hayes show really good promise. I guess we'll find out more starting today when joint practices begin with the Falcons.

I'm just saying, Dalton Risner and Taylor Lewan(yes I know he's with Barstool but I also think he'd play another year in the right situation) are still out there and would help.

Yes, you can never have enough secondary players but here's the thing; you can never have enough good players at every position. I hope that this apparent stubbornness in acquiring offensive line help doesn't carry on much longer. But, I think we all know the answer to that.

Let's hope for a productive first joint practice today.

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