Dalvin Cook working out with Tua Tagovailoa's trainer has nothing to do with Miami Dolphins

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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Dalvin Cook could have only 13 days left of being a member of the Minnesota Vikings and that could lead to a return home with the Miami Dolphins but recent rumors of him working out have nothing to do with it.

Whether or not there is a chance that Dalvin cook joins the Dolphins isn't known. There is a lot of rumors floating around and a lot more speculation but until Cook is either traded or released, none of it matter and even then, the Dolphins may not look at Cook as a player they want to invest a lot of money in.

The latest on the situation, however, is really nothing more than drumming up speculation under the guise of rumor. Recently images surfaced of Cook working out at Perform, the same company that Tua Tagovailoa has used since arriving in South Florida. Naturally, the dots get connnected and voila, Dalvin Cook is coming to Miami.

The rumor, or speculation which seems more appropriate - Cook is working out with Tua and that is the lead to him joining the Dolphins.

The reality? Cook has been training with Perform before Tua was drafted by the Dolphins.

Nick Hicks of Perform, replied to an article link by OUTKICK.com writer Armando Salguero simply saying, "Dalvin was with us years before Tua". Salguero did not write the article.

Salguero isn't saying anything that any other Twitter person is saying. We have looked at the possibility after reports surfaced from a "media-reporter" that Cook has been informed he would be released. That report remains unconfirmed.

Dalvin Cook is the hot-button topic ahead of June 1st when teams can release players and spread cap hits over the course of more than one year. The Vikings are still expected to move on from Cook and have already made some subtle changes on their website banners and social media banners but for now, the correlation of Cook working out at Perform is nothing new or newsworthy because they are not related.

That being said, having Tua and Cook in the same facility working out (no reports they are together) isn't a bad thing either.