Disaster averted: Terron Armstead has a decent chance to be ready for week 1

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Well, this is some good news for everyone associated with the Miami Dolphins. After Terron Armstead had someone fall into his leg today at practice, get taken out on a cart, and leave the facility on crutches has come out and said that he is looking to get able to play for week one.

When Armstead first went down on the first play of team work today, I admit I was not feeling good. Like I was feeling really down. Jalen Ramsey went down a few weeks, the offense has been reportedly shaky at best at the joint practices, and the team looked all-around sad during their preseason game last week against the Falcons.

Then, Armstead posted vidoe of him walking out of the facility on crutches and he told Cameron Wolfe that he'll be alright.

I guess Terron Armstead knows his body well because he was right. Knowing that Armstead is still aiming for week one is great. Do I think that will actually happen? I don't feel great about that proclamation but I'm all about Terron Armstead doing whatever he can to make that date. If it ends up being week two or even three so be it. That's a lot better than the fears that passed through my brain all afternoon and evening.

I still think Chris Grier should be doing everything he can to try and add more offensive line depth. But since cornerbacks don't traditionally play on the offensive line, we know that he isn't too worried about it.

A lot can happen tomorrow but tonight it's knowing that the worst has been averted and Terron Armstead is in good spirits and is looking to be available come the start of the season. This is good fortune. Maybe more good fortune can happen tomorrow.

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