Dolphins draft: 3 Defensive lineman that would be perfect fits in Miami

The Miami Dolphins have holes to fill along the entire defensive front. These players would help.
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Welcome to draft week. In four days, the Miami Dolphins, and every other franchise, will look to improve their squads. The Miami Dolphins have some draft picks this year and even though they lost a ton of homegrown players, they did decent in free agency with the funds they had. Still, holes need to be filled such as the defensive line. These defensive linemen would be instant contributors to the Miami Dolphins.

Trying to figure out how the Miami Dolphins' defensive front will look in week one is like trying to Kawh Leonard's availability in every playoff series. It's really hard to say.

The problem with projecting the defensive front is trying to sift through all the great things the coaching staff has said along with all the encouraging videos of Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb doing Bo Jackson-type things. Sure it looks like they're ready to go but is it really smart to get those guys back for week one when their injuries were severe and happened at the end of the last season?

I want the Dolphins to not let them back until they're 100% sure there isn't any more room for them to strengthen their legs.

Currently, the starting defensive front is Shaq Barrett, Zach Seiler, Taier Tart, Da'Shawn Hand, and Jonathan Harris. I honestly think that's the starting defensive front right now.

Obviously, I don't think that lineup will be the starting lineup in week one but the issue is there; how can the Miami Dolphins improve this unit and do it fast?

The NFL Draft of course. The draft will have to serve as the place the Dolphins get 1-2 starters out of it. I don't see how it can't be especially with the uncertainty of Chubb and Phillips.

These three players can make an impact early for the Miami Dolphins.

Also, I can't tell you exactly what kind of defensive scheme Anthony Weaver is going to run. So I'm including outside linebackers as part of the defensive front. I feel that's standard anyway.