Dolphins draft: 5 bold predictions that may or may not make Miami fans happy

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Jumping ahead of the Dolphins is almost a certainty but what about Miami moving back?

Prediction number 2: Chris Grier will move back from 21

The Dolphins will have several offers to move back in this year's draft and I think that Chris Grier will accept one. The reason is more than just having 6 draft picks. Miami has been short picks the last two years due to trades. The future of the roster is now being pinned on one-year free-agent additions as Grier waits for the big salaries to come off the books and the players.

In order to replace those players, he needs to have draft picks. The smartest thing Chris Grier can do is to make multiple trades in round one, or at least two. The depth at several positions is quite good and there should be plenty of quality players falling into round two.

This is where Grier can walk away a huge winner. The 21st pick is at a good spot and yes, Grier could draft a guy like Graham Barton or Cooper DeJean but are either of them better than adding more draft picks and lining up selections later in round one or two?

If I were Grier, and I think he seriously considering it this year, I would drop from 21st overall to around 27 where the Cardinals have been rumored to be interested in moving up. I would then explore options with San Francisco at 31 and make my first pick there. Miami will still have plenty of options including fan favorite Jackson Powers-Johnson or OT Tyler Guyton.