Dolphins draft: Chris Grier confirms teams are calling about the 21st overall pick

Miami Dolphins OTA
Miami Dolphins OTA / Mark Brown/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins may take the best player available approach come the 2024 NFL Draft but they could also trade it.

Speaking with the media this week, Chris Grier was asked about the 21st overall pick and whether the Dolphins would trade it or when that process starts to even discuss it. Grier said it has already started.

"Some of those conversations are happening now," Grier said about how the process works. Grier is laying out what happens a week before the draft when teams start making calls to gauge interest in moving up and down the board. They get feelers and probably get an idea of what that trade may cost in return. It makes sense.

Grier also said that most of the draft trades will happen during the draft and not before. He said that if a deal is too good to pass up then you take the deal now otherwise you wait, "Because people want to see if the players they're interested in are still there."

We have looked at several teams that could be potential trade partners with the Dolphins.

Of course, the biggest question is will Grier pull the trigger on a trade? Grier said there are several players that the team believes will be there at pick 21 who they are high on and that would indicate a trade away from 21 wouldn't likely happen unless those players are gone or potentially if most of those players are available and likely to fall to the next spot Grier would trade to.

Dolphins fans hoping to hear about a trade prior to the draft will have to wait until draft day by the sounds of it but there are talks ongoing and those will heat up as the draft draws closer, then when the Dolphins are on the clock, sometime around 11:00 pm, maybe a deal gets made.