Dolphins draft: 5 bold predictions that may or may not make Miami fans happy

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The Miami Dolphins do not have any tradable assets which limits their options.

Prediction number 4: Miami will not trade any players during the draft

This one is pretty easy. The only player of value that the Dolphins have on their roster, worth a trade, is Jevon Holland. The Dolphins are not going to trade Holland.

After restructuring Jeff Wilson, Jr., extending Raheem Mostert, and the money tied up in their wide receivers, there will be no trade at RB. At WR, the Dolphins' only player that "could" be moved is Erik Ezukanma but if that were to happen, it would be part of a bigger deal and he would be the throw-in. At best Miami could hope for a late draft pick swap with Ezukanma giving another team a reason to do so.

Defensively, the Dolphins have several players that are tradable if we look strictly at talent and production but contract status eliminates all of them. Chubb, Phillips, Sieler, Ramsey, Holland, you get the idea. Maybe the Dolphins could move Cam Smith given the fact he wasn't used last year but Smith alone wouldn't get Miami back into the 5th round let alone anything higher.