Dolphins draft: 5 bold predictions that may or may not make Miami fans happy

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The Dolphins will draft a player in the 2nd round that fans will not be happy with.

Prediction number 5: The Dolphins 2nd round will not make fans happy.

Chris Grier has a habit of drafting players that Dolphins fans shake their heads over and this year will be no different. He traded up for Liam Eichenberg and fans are still scratching their heads. He drafted Cam Smith and fans still wonder if he can play at this level. Noah Igbinoghene was the first-round shock of Grier's GM career.

From guys like Hunter Long in the 3rd to Michael Dieter in the 3rd, the Dolphins have thrown out some names on the pick cards that have had Miami fans going nuts. This year, Grier seems to be pressed to make good on every pick he has and that could mean overreaching for a player that he could get later on.

The problem for Grier is after the 2nd round, he sits out until day three in round five, pick 158. With the roster needing to be filled and Grier needing to find more than simple depth pieces, hitting in rounds one and two is important. It also puts pressure on Grier.

Round two will be the round to watch for Dolphins fans. If Grier watches the players he wants to go off the board before he picks, Dolphins fans are going to see a draft selection that doesn't make sense or a player that was projected to go late in round two.