Dolphins draft: The 3 dream scenarios for Miami in the 2024 NFL Drafts first round

It would be a dream scenerio for the Miami Dolphins if any of these guys fell to them at #21.
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Olumuyiwa Fashanu would make the offensive line of the Miami Dolphins hum.

I don't care that Olumuyiwa Fashanu was born and bred to be a tackle in the NFL. If he somehow fell to the Miami Dolphins at #21, you find a way to get him on the offensive line. If that means kicking Austin Jackson to right guard so Olumuyiwa can play right tackle for a year before Terron Armstead hangs'em up then that is what you do.

As a PSU alumnus, I watched Fashanu be the explanation that Jo Gallagher gave for why she liked Downey and Dawson so much; Fashanu said nothing will hurt you tonight, not on my watch as he protected PSU quarterbacks.

Fashanu's feet are some that you would find on a tap dancer. It's truly mesmerizing seeing a guy that big move so gracefully.

I expect Olumuyia Fashanu to be gone by the middle of the 1st round. But what if the other teams have the other really good tackles ahead of him? What if Amarius Mims and Troy Fautanu go before Fashanu and there is a run on wide receivers? Or, what if quarterback-needy teams get nuts and start thinking they have to get up into the middle of the 1st round to select Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr? Maybe that happens and Fashanu drops a bit. It's unlikely but maybe?