Dolphins draft: The best 10 players Miami could take in the 2nd round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Florida State v Florida
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These are seven players the Dolphins should heavily consider drafting with pick 55. Since they do not have a 3rd or 4th round pick barring a trade down, these first two picks are crucial for them. Pair any of these players with the seven players I thought they should be targeting in the first round, and we have a pretty successful draft on our hands. I have ranked these players by preference and sorted them by position group, so without further ado, let's get started.

Braden Fiske - IDL - Florida State

The more tapes I watch, the more impressed I am with Fiske. He is a freak athlete, which is all anyone talks about, but his explosiveness in his first step, his power in his hands, and his quickness set him apart from me. I have him in the 1st tier of DT prospects in the class. He will be able to offer pass-rush upside and should be able to hold his own against the run. He isn't huge, but he could make a great 3 tech all the way out to a big end. I am a big fan of the player, and if he is there at 55, it's an instant pick.

Kris Jenkins - IDL - Michigan

Kris Jenkins is 2022 Christian Wilkins to Quinnen WIlliams, compared to Fiske. Fiske would offer way more upside on the pass rush, but Jenkins offers more power and strength against the run. He is going to need to develop his pass rush repertoire, but he will be stout against the run. They are essentially opposites. I view Fiske as another, more athletic, Zach Sieler with less refinement against the run, and I view Jenkins similarly to Wilkins without 2023's pass rush upside.