Dolphins fans shouldn't get too comfortable with this tradable veteran

Could Chris Grier surprise us all here with a trade this season?
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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The Miami Dolphins have a big decision to make with Jevon Holland, and it could mean many of their fans may be unhappy when it is all said and done. We can include Chris Grier's kids in this equation as well.

Grier told the media that his kids love Holland and that led to a lot of speculation that Holland would be re-signed and that the team will get him a new contract this year. That is still a big possibility, but Dolphins fans should use recent memories to temper their expectations.

Could the Dolphins actually trade Jevon Holland this season?

Miami couldn't get Robert Hunt under contract despite an effort to do so last season. Hunt bet on himself and won. Miami tried and failed to get Christian Wilkins under contract. Wilkins bet on himself and won. Now, here we are with Holland. Will he bet on himself, or will the Dolphins make an offer that will make the safety happy?

If recent memory serves us, Grier will present Holland with a contract far below his asking price, and Holland will follow the same path as Hunt and Wilkins. If that is the case, fans should expect Holland to leave the Dolphins, and Miami will have to make a decision: offer Holland up in a trade or hope they can get a third-round compensatory pick for him in 2026.

The name to watch in all of this could be Justin Simmons. Simmons potentially signing with Miami could end the speculation on Holland's future, especially if Simmons signs a deal that is longer than one year. This would not sit well with Holland, and the two sides may never get to the table to discuss a serious contract.

Miami fans love Holland, and they should. He is exciting and a hard-hitter, but he will also be expensive. Miami is dealing with contract situations with Tua Tagovailoa and potentially Tyreek Hill. They also need to figure out the future of Jaelan Phillips, and they recently added to their yearly cap hit with the Jaylen Waddle extension. As much as fans love Holland, he may not be in the Dolphins' long-term future plans, and we should all realize that.