Dolphins Free Agency Grades: Jordyn Brooks

The Miami Dolphins have signed Jordyn Brooks to a 3 year $30 million contract. This comes off of the heels of Miami releasing starting linebacker Jerome Baker. Jordyn Brooks was a 1st round pick to the Seahawks in 2020.

New Dolphins LB Jordyn Brooks
New Dolphins LB Jordyn Brooks / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

In a strange twist of the offseason, the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks have essentially pulled off a linebacker swap with Miami receiving Jordyn Brooks and Seattle receiving Jerome Baker. The Dolphins attempted to restructure Baker's contract but were unable to agree to a number. This made it all the more baffling when Seattle signed him for just $7 million.

We do not know how much input new DC Anthony Weaver has had in personnel discussions, but Jerome Baker feels like a player who would have fit into his scheme well. Another oddity is the difference between the two players. Baker has been more of a coverage backer, whereas, with Brooks, his coverage seems to mostly be a liability.

While a tackle machine, Jordyn Brooks has had his issues in coverage posting a 59.9 last season which was a career high. He had a career-high pass rush grade of 85.0, and his second best overall grade at just 57.3. For comparison, Baker had a 66.6 overall rating.

Brooks has the same straight-line speed as Baker, without some of the lateral mobility. He and Miami LB partner David Long are almost identical in their style of play. Both players play downhill aggressively and fill running lanes with urgency. With that, Miami should have no issues stopping the run, assuming they add to the D-Line.

Brooks' cap hit is only around $4 million this year, which is very palatable for a Dolphins team that is up against the cap. He will be a productive player, questions about coverage aside. With the signing of Brooks and Anthony Walker Jr., I don't see Miami dipping back into the linebacker market unless a huge bargain becomes available.

This move is the highest-risk move so far this season. While his cap hit is low for this season, he has pretty sizable shoes to fill. While Jerome Baker was in Miami, I found myself thinking he lacked a bit of physicality, but he offset this with his coverage ability. It will fall on DC Anthony Weaver to make this signing work and work around Jordyn's weaknesses in coverage. For now, I wouldn't say it's an upgrade, but just a 1 for 1 swap between two very different players.

Jordyn Brooks Grade: B-

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