Dolphins schedule: 5 Week 1 games Miami should be hoping for

The Miami Dolphins would be fortunate to start the season against one of these five teams
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) puts his helmet on before heading out to warm-up
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) puts his helmet on before heading out to warm-up / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins will officially know their schedule soon enough, with everything set to be announced on Wednesday, May 15. Miami will not play in the very first contest of the year, as Kansas City and Baltimore will kick the season off.

Miami could, of course, open at home or on the road. If history is any indication, you might think Miami would open at home, given that they opened in Los Angeles last year. That isn't always the case, either. The last 10 season openers have been all over the place, as evidenced here:




@ Los Angeles Chargers



New England Patriots



@ Patriots



@ Patriots









@ San Diego Chargers



@ Seahawks



@ Washington






@ Cleveland Browns



@ Houston



This year, it would seem like the Dolphins would open at home, but that wouldn't be a great situation, given that the Dolphins will play an extra road game in 2024. It would be better to open on the road instead. If Miami does open on the road, these three games would be the most ideal:

  • Green Bay Packers - Ideally, an early season trip to Lambeau Field would be best. Avoiding a late season snow storm or sub-freezing temperatures would be perfect. The Packers will be interesting this year and they may not get off to a fast start. Taking one early on the road would be a great start to the season for the Dolphins.
  • Cleveland Browns - A trip to the lake in early September would be a great opportunity to knock off a team they could be competing against for a playoff spot. Cleveland will challenge for a division title in 2024, but they face one of the toughest divisions in the league. Catching them early would be ideal before their backs are against the AFC North proverbial wall.
  • Houston Texans - Let's face it. The Texans are looking like the team to beat this year outside of Kansas City. A lot is riding on C.J. Stroud's second-year success, and they will probably get off to a fast start. The Dolphins tend to start fast as well, and this would make for an early-season primetime kickoff.

We can be pretty confident that the Dolphins will not open the road on the West Coast. If they do, Miami could see two consecutive weeks on the road. If Miami opened the season that way, it wouldn't be horrible. Miami did well on the road against the Chargers to open last campaign. Miami would knock out two road games in two weeks and kill their West Coast games simultaneously.

The NFL could look at the fact Miami has opened on the road in three of the last four season-opening games and could feel obligated to give the Dolphins a home opener to start the season. The NFL seems to be keeping the extreme heat in early September in their minds, so this may not happen. If they do, these are the teams Miami should hope to face:

Buffalo Bills - Buffalo melted in the heat the last time they played an early-season game in Miami. The fans in attendance complained and Josh Allen could only lay his head on Tua Tagovailoa's shoulder when it was all over. Yes, I agree with Bills Mafia on this one. It was brutally hot, but unlike them, I loved it. Bringing the Bills back to Miami in September would be fantastic.

San Francisco 49ers - Like the Bills, the comfy West Coast weather is great for a team like the 49ers but how will they play when their speedy WRs are cramping up on the sideline? How will they play in torrential rain, as it could potentially ground any air attack and reduce both teams to a muddy mess? This is South Florida early season weather. The 49ers are coming off a Super Bowl loss, but the Dolphins could spoil the start to the season.