Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa slimming down could be a problem for the rest of the NFL

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2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Tua Tagovailoa apparently is slimming down and that could be great news for the Dolphins but not so much for the rest of the NFL.

Last off-season, Tua showed up to camp looking a little overweight. It was a contentious debate in the media. Tua stayed healthy all year and avoided the head injuries he suffered the previous season. Some believed the bulking up was part of the reason but Tua took on martial arts training to help with the falls he was enduring.

This offseason he has been working with PERFORM, his personal trainers in Florida, to build up his speed.

A faster Tua could be a game-changer for the Dolphins. Now, a recent image of Tua at a golf tournament has many fans seeing an already slimmer QB.

Miami's offense would benefit from a faster Tua. Last season, Tua clearly didn't look to run with the football but if that becomes an option and he can get faster, it will only provide more opportunity to make plays and add more dimension to Tua's game.

Of course, fans are concerned that a running Tua could open him up for more injury potential but we can't assume that getting faster will mean opening himself to unnecessary hits. The speed could allow him to move around and out of the pocket faster. It could be the difference between picking up a 4-yard first down as opposed to sliding early.

Regardless, Tua has opportunities to improve and doing so with his legs, is one of those areas.