Former Miami Dolphin is showcasing how bad the Bills WR unit actually is

Life without Stefon Diggs isn't looking so great for the Bills.
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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Miami Dolphins fans know all about Bills Mafia. The rivalry between the two fanbases has become a hot topic throughout the years. Naturally, when you can poke a little fun, you take the jab. Like the Dolphins, the Bills are holding practice sessions, and one former Miami wide receiver is turning heads in upper New York.

Chase Claypool was a cheap addition at the trade deadline last year. He didn't cost much in compensation financially or in the trade. His time in Miami was what everyone expected - rather boring and nothing surprising. He was a no-risk and as we now know, a no-reward addition.

In March, the Dolphins did not bring Claypool back to the team. That wasn't surprising. Claypool joined the Bills as a free agent and according to a report, he has been the shining player in the receivers room. That says a lot about the state of the Bills roster at that position.

The Bills are going to be in for a long season if Chase Claypool is their top WR

Gone is Stefon Diggs, traded to the Texans. Gone is Gabe Davis, allowed to leave in free agency. The best WR on the roster might be rookie Keon Coleman, who the team selected in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft. If Claypool is the best option they have, they are going to be in trouble.

When the most explosive play is catching a pass from backup Mitch Trubisky, Bills fans should be worried. Buffalo may have to rely on their defense more this year given the state of the offensive roster, specifically at WR. The Bills' salary cap situation wasn't great and they had to make tough decisions. Losing Diggs wasn't a surprise, as he had become a locker room cancer.

As for Claypool, the Dolphins know there is nothing special about him. The former Steelers draft pick was traded to Chicago in part due to his attitude and then from Chicago to Miami for similar reasons. He wasn't a problem for the Dolphins, but he wasn't part of any solution.