Full 2024 NFL Mock Draft: QB heavy draft to start but WRs are becoming a hot position

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Brock Bowers, Malachi Moore
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15. Indianapolis Colts - Brock Bowers

This hurts me because I would love to see Bowers in Miami, but his slide stops here. I believe he will slide as he is an odd prospect. He is an elite receiving tight end, but he is more of a big slot than a traditional tight end, which makes his evaluation difficult. Teams may also be hesitant due to how Kyle Pitts panned out thus far. He is not as good of a run blocker as you'd like, but he makes up for it with his elite acceleration and run-after-catch ability. He is the perfect weapon to add to Anthony Richardson's war chest and will add an extra dimension to the Colts' offense.

16. Seattle Seahawks - Jackson Powers Johnson

Yet another draft crush of mine off the board before the Dolphins pick. This was between JPJ and Graham Barton, but I think JPJ is a more complete prospect and younger to boot. This guy has everything you want in an Interior offensive lineman. He has good feet, and great hand placement and will be one of the smartest players on the field. At 21 years old, Seattle has a great G/C for 10+ years in JPJ. You can read my full scouting report on JPJ here.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Terrion Arnold

This pick has been mocked in many drafts I've seen, but the fit makes sense. They could go DT, but they need another corner next to Tyson Campbell, so Arnold is the pick. Arnold has terrific press-man ability and quick feet to shadow receivers. While he lacks elite speed, he makes up for it with his physicality and aggression. He is great at jarring balls lose. Arnold also excels in taking on blocks and making tackles in the run game. He is an all-around corner and Jacksonville will be happy to take him at 17.

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Johnny Newton

I was close to giving the Bengals Mims or Guyton here, but we'll beef up the defensive line. Newton is a bit short at the position but plays with plenty of power and agility to compete at the next level. He is a true 3 down defensive lineman who could even bump out as a big end in certain packages. He has quick feet and hand movement that make him dangerous as a pass rusher. He is not a finished product, but he has all of the tools to be a good starting DT in this league.

19. Los Angeles Rams - Byron Murphy II

Well, now there is a huge, Aaron Donald-sized hole in the Rams front. Kobie Turner was fantastic last season, so giving him a running mate who is a quick, twitchy interior rush specialist is a great idea. Murphy is short for the position no doubt, but he makes up for it with good strength and great hands. I remember another great Rams DT who was a bit undersized as well.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Tyler Guyton

This fit almost makes too much sense. Guyton played right tackle at Oklahoma, and the Steelers want to move Broderick Jones back to the left. Guyton is a mountain of a man, and that can sometimes play to his detriment. He can play a bit too tall and has a tendency to miss targets in the open field. As a mauler, he is exactly what you want. He has great strength on down blocks and moves men when tasked. His pass protection is solid, though he does have trouble at times with leverage. He is a great fit for the Steelers and should develop nicely.