Good on Dalvin Cook for playing all sides and having fun with his free agency

Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) looks on
Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) looks on / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The saga of where free agent running back Dalvin Cook will eventually be playing football for the 2023 NFL season has seemingly lasted for eons. The will he or won't he sign with the Miami Dolphins has driven many emotions such as joy, dread, frustration, and apathy. Personally, I'm in Summer mode so I'm doing everything I can to just to enjoy my time off. Others are taking the insecurity of not knowing where Dalvin Cook will be playing a bit harder.

We've seen several different nuggets laid out by Dalvin Cook himself indicating that the man who is from Miami and who played at Florida St. wants to be a Miami Dolphins this year. Here are just the breadcrumbs that Cook planted within the last week.

And who could forget when his agent, yesterday, said that Dalvin Cook does great things when he's touting the rock in Miami.

So it certainy seem that Dalvin Cook is all about playing for the Miami Dolphins.

That was until a few hours later when Cook himself responded to a video about him possibly playing for the New York Jets.

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Classic social media flip-flop. Say you want to play for multiple teams so maybe the team you really want to play for gives you more money. Maybe that's it or maybe Dalvin Cook just likes to have fun online. Who among us doesn't? Now, when we do it we aren't potentially jockeying for a few extra million dollars like Cook possibly is but it's all fun nonetheless. It's not like Cook's free agency journey is anywhere near the level of annoyance of Damian Lillard or anything like that so I support Cook's process with all this.

And good for Dalvin Cook for letting the Jets and any other teams for that matter feel like they have a chance of getting him to join their club. It must be really cool to play with the emotions and wallets of professional sports teams.

Again, I'm not even saying that is what is he aiming for with these tweets and responses. I mean all behavior is a form of communication so whether he intended to or not, the message is being received in some kind of way by all parties involved.

Personally, I think Dalvin Cook will end up being a member of the Miami Dolphins at some point in the next few weeks. For how much and for how long, I have no idea. I'm hoping it's something for like 3 years $21M with 13ish guaranteed or something along those lines. I also would garner to bet that Cook knows he is eventually going to sign with Miami because it is home and Miami is a billion times more fun than New York on multiple levels. I appreciate him just getting folks' hopes up just because he feels like it.

Ultimately, we should feel happy for a guy who is having a good time. I'm all about that and I'd like for you to be as well. But if he doesn't sign with the Miami Dolphins, I will be a bit annoyed. But then I'll say "Alrighty, let's pay Christian Wilkins" and go about my day. But Dalvin Cook is going to sign with Miami so I'm not even getting to that spot.

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