Here's how Dolphins DC Anthony Weaver can utilize Calais Campbell in 2024

Fans are fired up now that the six-time Pro Bowler has signed.
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The Miami Dolphins allowed Christian Wilkins to leave for a record-breaking free agency contract, something people are still talking about. Wilkins was a player that teammates, fans and media loved.  His passion and dedication to the game was joyful to watch.  However, what Wilkins never brought was leadership.  Wilkins' play on the field was to annoy the opposing teams, or, bring a care-free style that didn’t impact the game when it mattered most.  

Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills quarterback, was a target of Wilkins during their battles, but it was Allen that always prevailed. Wilkins play does not command respect from his teammates, which won't be the case for new Miami signing Calais Campbell.

Calais Campbell will be ready to make a big difference for the Dolphins in 2024

Campbell's leadership bleeds respect.  He is built on old school principles. Similar to Ray Lewis, when Campbell speaks, players listen. This has been an issue with the Miami Dolphins locker room since Jason Taylor, Cameron Wake or even Zach Thomas left Miami.  

Anthony Weaver, the new Miami Dolphins new defensive coordinator, has ties with Campbell as they were in Baltimore together where Weaver led the defensive linemen. Campbell lined up in all positions on the line, from a zero to five technique, but let’s be honest, Campbell is at his best at the five technique.  His versatility allows Weaver to deploy him based on matchup.

And don’t be scared by Campbell's age-  last year, he played a full 17-game season and produced a similar season to Wilkins:


Christian Wilkins

Calias Campbell

Solo Tackles






Forced Fumbles



Weaver knows one important thing: he’s got a young team, especially on the line of scrimmage. Jalean Phillips, Bradley Chubb and Zach Sieler are all 10 years younger than Campbell.  Similar to Dan Marino, Campbell's first year in the league he had the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl, since then he has been chasing that feeling for over 16 years.  Weaver needed to bring in a player that leads by example, on and off the field.  A mentor to these young athletes on how to develop their game and what it takes to get to the Super Bowl.

Campbell is still playing football because he loves the game. That’s a beautiful thing. A dream for so many is his reality. When asked about why Campbell selected the Miami Dolphins, he responded by referring to their depth chart - they are ready to compete.   

This was a signing that needed to happen. Weaver now has a player that can lead on and field, and can mirror his principles. The love for the game for Campbell hasn’t gone unnoticed, and now he'll be ready to make a splash in the AFC East.