In news that I refuse to let bum me out, it appears Connor Williams is officially holding out

Miami Dolphins guard Connor Williams (58) takes the field before the opening game of the season
Miami Dolphins guard Connor Williams (58) takes the field before the opening game of the season / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Today was the first day of mandatory mini-camp and everyone is in attendance except the guy who touches the ball on every single play and that is the most consistent force on the offensive line, Connor Williams.

It's not what you want to hear but it seems like the reality of the situation is that Connor Williams feels that he should be signed to a long term contract and until that happens he's just going to hang out and do whatever he wants. It be nice if he was handling this like Christian Wilkins is but I'm not going to tell anyone how to handle their career. You do you.

It really sucks because depending on what ranking system you subscribe to, Connor Williams was one of the better most consistent centers in the league last year. He didn't miss any games and I don't think any of us can recall many times where he was playing badly so I can understand him wanting to get paid.

I am going with the mantra of positive vibes only(real original I know). The weather is really nice here in NEPA and I'm headed to Nashville in a few days for a friend's bachelor party. Life is going good. I'm not going to bog my mind down with the possibility that Connor Williams holds out all Summer and doesn't show up until mid-August thus not having good chemistry with the rest of the offensive line.

I'm not going to worry about the fact that eventually the Miami Dolphins are going to, or maybe already have, reached a spot where they can fiscally sign everyone they have to long-term contracts. I'm certainly not going to drive myself nuts thinking about Moster, Wilson Jr., Achane and possibly Dalvin Cook getting blown up in the backfield over and over again because the new center is a human turnstile. And I'm certainly not going to think about Tua, even with all his newly added beef, getting power bombed into the Earth's core because the new center fell over instantly.

Naw, I'm not going to do any of that. Instead, I'm going to tell myself that Chris Grier and company know how to fix this and will somehow fix it and all will be well. I'm going to think about how Connor Williams this roster is stacked and that he is a big part of the future success of the team. Yes, that is the plan for me. But if the team can figure this situation out sooner than later, that would be an even better plan.

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