Introducing the play that allowed the Miami Dolphins to win the game of the year

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

Holy schnikes, what a friggin game. The Miami Dolphins looking to get that sweet sweet revenge in Los Angeles ended up being easily the game of the day but I believe it will be in the running for game of the year. I'm sure some other games with bigger stakes than week one supremacy will come along but you'll never be able to tell anyone with a brain that today's contest between the Dolphins and Chargers didn't have everything we look for in sports.

It had big names, big drama, big storylines, and big plays. But, to me, the biggest play of the entire game was one that came at the end of the game that didn't result in any kind of gut-busting jubilation. It was a play that needed to happen and Raheem Mostert made sure it counted.

The Dolphins who were riding the high that was Tua connecting to Tyreek Hill on 3rd and 10 got it down to the Charger's nice yard line. It was 2nd down and Salvon Ahmed went in motion. He was supposed to clip the corner that was out there. it was a designed play to Raheem Mostert in the flat. Ahmed sort of whiffed on his block but the ball was still coming to Mostert. Mostert caught the ball and then instinctually stiff-armed the DB to make it a 3rd and fourish.

That's a world of difference than 3rd and goal from the nine. That world of difference made it 3rd and 4ish and then, well, we know what happened next.

Touchdown to Tyreek Hill, the defense steps up and puts Herbert to the Earth and the Miami Dolphins go 1-0 winning one of the best opening day games since Marino won that shootout with the Patriots.

That play to Mostert will probably get lost in the annals of time but I won't soon forget it. He made a play out of nothing and it led to the Dolphins having a much better shot at going to the endzone. Folks often forget the plays that lead to the big pay-offs. Not this Dolphin's writer. Not today.

Enjoy this feeling. What the Dolphins did today was a ton of fun and it was a potential glimpse of the future. This team might be winning more barn-burners like this in the very near future. I'm here for it.

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