Is a major change coming to the AFC East after the 2024 season? Dolphins rival fans think so

Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen looks downfield in the second half during the NY Jets 20-17
Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen looks downfield in the second half during the NY Jets 20-17 / Chris Pedota, / USA

The AFC East is in a strange situation that could culminate in huge changes following the 2024 season and Miami Dolphins rival fans are growing anxious.

The news Wednesday that sent waves through the NFL could have a major impact on what happens. Stefon Diggs is out in Buffalo and that could signal changes ahead.

Let's look at this from the viewpoint of the Dolphins rival fans. In Buffalo, there is a growing number of fans who see this as a potential final season for head coach Sean McDermott. McDermott apparently was part of the Diggs problems in Buffalo.

Fans have pointed out that Josh Allen wasn't as good of a QB without Diggs. The Bills will find out this year. If they fail to make the postseason or fail to advance in the playoffs, McDermott very well may be gone and the gutting of their roster may continue next offseason.

That would be a huge change within the division.

In New England, there has already been a change at head coach and the Patriots made ripples in free agency as opposed to splashes. This from a team that had the 3rd highest cap space entering free agency.

Finally, the New York Jets are in a pressure situation. Head coach Robert Saleh is on thin ice. Fans would not have been surprised if he had been fired this past offseason but if the Jets get a healthy Aaron Rodgers and still can't win the division or make the playoffs, Saleh is all but officially gone at the end of the year.

The Jets have a lot of money invested into their roster and if they can't win this year, changes will happen.

The Dolphins are in a prime situation with Mike McDaniel and new DC Anthony Weaver. While there is pressure on them to win, the window for success isn't 2024 so there is no hot seat just yet.

Stefon Diggs leaving doesn't tip the scale in the AFC East, Diggs had a much better first half of the season statistically but the Bills still lost more games than they won. In the 2nd half of the season, Diggs didn't post big numbers and the Bills won more and won the division.

That is what will make this season critical for the Bills. And the Jets. No one is worried about the Patriots yet and judging by their fans, they have low expectations as well.