It's time for the Dolphins to trade for a left guard after Isaiah Wynn news isn't promising

Chris Grier isn't going to like his options but he may want to make a move for an offensive lineman before the trade deadline. Especially if the news about Isaiah Wynn is accurate.
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said today that Wynn is going to face a long journey to get back on the roster after being placed on IR earlier this week. Wynn hurt his leg during Sunday night's loss to the Eagles.

McDaniel wouldn't confirm or deny the possibility of Wynn missing the entire season but it sounds like that too is a possibility. If that is something the Dolphins believe to be a potential situation, Chris Grier can't simply sit around and expect his current roster to step in.

Miami's options are Liam Eichenberg when Connor Williams is healthy and returns to center. They could role with Robert Jones who is coming back from his IR stint, and they could use Lester Cotton who didn't look comfortable in that role last Sunday.

The other option, and one that no one can imagine Chris Grier making, is to trade for a guard. The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday and the Dolphins clearly could use some veteran blood at the position but Grier rarely spends assets on the offensive line.

Earlier we included a couple of left guards in our article regarding trades. You can read that here.

Will Miami make a move? Chris Grier should at the very least give Mike McDaniel something to help his offense replace Wynn.

McDaniel was asked today about the trade deadline and told the media he likes his roster and doesn't anticipate making any moves ahead of the deadline. Is that a nearsighted mistake by Grier if they don't address the offensive line?

I think that it would be a mistake. Miami has a lot riding on this roster and the postseason. The Dolphins look good in terms of a playoff push either as the AFC East winner or a Wild Card team but if they can't continue to block adequately in the run game or protect Tua Tagovailoa, the challenge of making the playoffs will be that much harder.

The Dolphins are banged up on both sides of the ball and while fans may want a new shiny linebacker, cornerback, or another position, the offensive line might be the most important. Even if it means going against the belief of spending to get someone on the team.

On the other hand, if the Dolphins do think that guard is a need, we shouldn't expect them to publicly say they are making phone calls either.