Jared Odrick explains why Jason Taylor's sack celebration was an 'L-7 Loser'

Jared Odrick didn't hold back here with his thoughts on Dolphins celebrations.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins
Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Before the Miami Dolphins drafted Christian Wilkins, the team had Jared Odrick's personality that was nearly as large as Wilkins. I'm sure Odrick would say he was bigger. There were rumors that Odrick would not shower after games and would show up to games smelling bad from body odor. A ploy to get under the skin of his opponents.

Then, there was the sack dance. Odrick's post-sack celebration was a nod to Pee-Wee Herman and his bar-topping-stomping routine to the song "Tequila." Odrick really did it all on the field to try and have the opposition guessing.

Odrick joined the crew on TheFishTank podcast to talk about his time with the Dolphins when the subject of the sack celebration came up. Odrick calls it the best celebration in Dolphins history and he said so with passion.

During the segment, Jason Taylor's celebration was brought up. Seth Levit is the CEO of the Jason Taylor Foundation. Odrick laughs and says he knows all about it, but but then forms the square with his hands and starts laughing, saying it is an "L-7 Loser" in reference to the pop-culture hit "The Sandlot."

Odrick is of course having a lot of fun with the whole thing and O.J. McDuffie and Levit are both having a great time talking about the entire celebration. As you can watch in the video, Odrick talks about how he started the dance and a bet he made with Kendall Langford who said that he didn't have the guts to do it.

The celebration became quite popular. Fans in the stands were doing it after Odrick got a sack and it snowballed from there. From his large personality to his fun loving and jet-setting experiences during the offseason, Odrick remains a fan favorite even today. Odrick played only seven seasons in the NFL with his final two coming in Jacksonville.

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