Miami Dolphins 2024 RB power rankings are tighter than expected

The running backs in this offense are explosive and 2024 should be no different
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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No. 5: Jaylen Wright - fourth round draft pick in 2024

Jaylen Wright is not expected to be the fifth running back on the Dolphins depth chart, but he will start behind the other runners. Wright should become the third running back by the time the season rolls around.

That is the expectation. Wright has all the tools to be a great running back in the NFL and he will have good coaching with the Dolphins. He will ascend the depth cart without a problem. Fans are excited about his potential in South Florida and rightfully so.

No. 4: Chris Brooks - entering his second season

There is so much to like about Chris Brooks and the fact he is ranked fourth on this list is only because of his inexperience. Brooks has a real shot of making the Dolphins roster this year and had it not been for an injury in his rookie season, he may very well have cemented his place on the team.

He was running fantastic before being hurt. Of all the Dolphins running backs, Brooks runs with far more physicality than the rest. I have him at No. 4 to start camp, but that will change, and he should surpass our next running back quickly in a battle for what likely will be the final spot on the roster.