Miami Dolphins: 3 philosophies Mike McDaniel can apply to make the offense instantly better

The Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel need to instill some slight philosophical adjustments to improve the offense.
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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For the love of everything holy, run the ball close to the goal line especially when it's working.

We've been experiencing this phenomenon this phenomenon since Mike McDaniel got to Miami. He was wonderfully schemes, plays, and ideas for getting the ball into his playmaker's hands while protecting Tua. That can't be denied.

But we saw several times on Monday night that the Dolphins got in the red zone, the green zone, and near the goal line that Mike McDaniel likes to flex his brain and throw the ball for six instead of simply running it to Mostert, Achane or even Jeff Wilson Jr. who is capable. This is the hubris of Mike McDaniel and it's pretty undeniable at this point.

This is like in Major League 2, one of the better sequels, when Ricky Vaughn was really feeling himself and he started inventing a bunch of nonsense pitches such as the "eliminator" instead of the boring old 96-mile-an-hour fastball.

Mike McDaniel is a run-game guru or whatever phrase we're calling smart people in football today. So, running the ball in spots that call for runs especially when you're doing well, like the Dolphins were doing on Monday night, should come naturally for him.

I don't want to hear McDaniel say he and everyone need to get better. I get you have to say that after losses but when the same very avoidable mistake of not running the ball more when you're doing it well keeps happening what am I and every other tortured Miami Dolphins fan supposed to think and say about it? I realize McDaniel doesn't much care what we think or say but I bet Raheem Mostert is wondering the same thing.

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