Miami Dolphins: 3 recently released players that need to be thoroughly researched

Three recently released players the Dolphins should consider

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The Miami Dolphins need a man like Mason Cole.

Who's Mason Cole? Mason Cole has been the center for the Steelers over the last two years. He started every game over that time.

Who's the current center for the Miami Dolphins? I have no idea. They don't have one unless you're counting Liam Eichenberg and if you are I want you out of my room.

The Connor Williams injury, which is my when The Earth Stood Still moment of the season for the Dolphins, changed everything for the team. They were never themselves after that. Williams is another player rehabing a late-season injury. He's also a free agent so who knows how that will end up.

Is it possible he doesn't sign somewhere until the season starts for a cheap deal and could that be back in Miami? Sure that could happen. But I wouldn't rely on that strategy.

Mason Cole isn't going to wow anyone with PFF rankings or anything like that. What is a player that is reliable who has done it before and I think that's important when it comes to the center position. Stop trying to fill that position with guys who play center as a hobby and get a guy who does it as their career. Yes, I know Connor Williams was good coming off being a guard, but let's just go with an actual center this time?

Also, drafting Jackson Powers-Johnson needs to be a real possibility as well.