Miami Dolphins: 3 training camp reactions that I can't wait to see unfold

Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins players read the playbook during mandatory
Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins players read the playbook during mandatory / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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We are a mere seven days until rookies report to the Miami Dolphin's training facility which means the veterans report on July 25th. We will finally start to get to see the process of a team that many dub the most talented roster in the league. We'll be able to see all the faces that help us get through the Winter and give us some hope that maybe this is the year the Miami Dolphins break through and make a serious run.

Training camp emits many emotions from pretty much everyone who follows. You have the to cool for school folks who say it is meaningless and make fun of other people who care at a 1% level. Then you have the folks who live and die by every incompletion and every report about this player is under or over-achieving. And then you have the majority of people in the middle who have fun with it and don't get too down or up with any information they here. Come to think about it, that sounds a lot like... never mind.

Finally, you have the guys like me who when they see a pretty ordinary video of Tua making a 40 yard pass go ahead and say that he might have a top 5 arm in the league. If you can't find the fun in that, I don't know what to tell you and also get ready to see that written up on this site. Remember, sports is about fun but hey if you want to get all butt hurt about something that happens in camp or get let an article glorifying the ordinary ruin your day, I'm not going to stop you. Be a fan the way you want to fan.

It can't be said enough that this Miami Dolphins team will have a lot of eyes on it as training camp begins and goes through the preseason. Certain players will be discussed more than others and it will certainly get to a tiresome level. You're all going to have to accept that is the reality that is going to happen.

But as training camp unfolds there are reactions from the masses that will occur that I always look forward to that bring a smile to my face. I know they're going to happen and even though I know that they still bring me joy.